Message Quality Evaluation (MQE) Tool

The Message Quality Evaluation (MQE) tool is an open-source application that will be freely available to the members of the IIS community. It is the second project from the AIRA Joint Development and Implementation (JDI) Advisory Workgroup.

The tool will be designed to assist sites in consistently evaluating and improving the quality of data coming into their IIS. It will allow users with varying levels of expertise to quickly and easily generate a series of reports that describe the quality of incoming immunization data.

How is it used?

Individual users will be able to take advantage of a stand-alone implementation of the MQE. More advanced implementers will be able to integrate the tool with their IIS to automate evaluation and report generation and even make decisions about whether or not data are appropriate for IIS consumption.

Why use it?

The tool will facilitate onboarding new submitters by quickly identifying problems in existing data feeds. Messages will show IIS staff whether data are good, fair, or poor in an easy-to-read web-based report.

How does this tool impact the IIS community?

The ways in which incoming data are evaluated varies from site to site. With multiple IIS evaluating incoming data using the same tool, comparing the same elements, with the same code sets and metadata, sites will be able to collaborate better to solve common data quality issues—across messages, submitters, or even vaccine types. When the IIS community speaks with a single voice, our message will be more easily heard.

How can an IIS participate?

All IIS are welcome to be part of the evolution of this open-source tool. IIS can share resources to help develop the tool or join the MQE User Group (coming soon!). Working together, we hope to standardize data quality processes and provide a sustainable forum for shared community resources and training.

 What can an IIS do to get started?


If you are interested in learning more about the MQE tool or engaging with this project, please contact Maureen Neary.