Employment Opportunities and Requests for Proposals 


Employment Opportunities

Send an email to [email protected] to submit a job opportunity for posting.

The Texas Immunization Information System Team is seeking a Contract IIS Trainer to be responsible for developing training and communications tools to train current and new IIS users and partners. This individual is also responsible for the education of IIS customer support/help desk staff. Detailed information about this position can be found here. If interested, please email Texas IIS Manager, Kevin Allen for additional information. [Posted 10/9/2018]

The Tennessee Department of Health Immunization Program is seeking a Medical Director responsible for overseeing the statewide immunization and vaccine-preventable disease program. This position will be open until filled. Detailed information about this position can be found here. [Posted 9/14/2018]

Opportunities for Independent Contractors

The American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) is seeking a part-time consultant to develop guidance for the immunization information system (IIS) community on using IIS to conduct immunization coverage assessments to identify undervaccinated populations that are not geographic in nature. Detailed information about this position can be found here. This position will be open through Friday, October 26, 2018. [Posted 10/9/2018]

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Requests for Proposals

There are no requests for proposals open at this time. Please check back soon!