Upcoming Changes to Membership

Starting October 1, 2018, there will be several changes to AIRA’s membership structure and pricing. A full description of the upcoming changes is available in this Membership Update Overview.

AIRA has grown and evolved over the years. Last fall, we evaluated AIRA’s ever-expanding list of benefits. AIRA’s membership rates are close to what they were almost 20 years ago. It is important for AIRA’s membership to reflect the value we provide today.

For that reason, the AIRA board of directors voted to increase the price of membership, which we believe is fair to our members and reflects the value AIRA provides. Under the new structure:

  • Members have exclusive access to specific AIRA services, such as address cleansing, information requests and a member directory. 
  • Membership includes a set number of voting members along with an unlimited number of non-voting members.
  • A new Supporting Members option enables the larger community to participate in AIRA’s ongoing work and sponsor the AIRA National Meeting.
  • IIS implementers are both voting members of AIRA and part of the Supporting Membership.
As we continue to serve the entire IIS community, our updated dues structure will allow AIRA to grow and continue its mission to promote and support the use of immunization information to ensure healthy communities.

We understand budgets are tight and the future is uncertain, but by investing in AIRA, you are investing back into the IIS community. Our goal is to make our association strong so that we can provide more robust services, products and educational opportunities to make the IIS community even stronger. 
We hope that you will continue to support AIRA as we strive to facilitate the sharing and use of immunization information by all partners and ensure that immunization information systems are fully supported and represented.

AIRA’s New Membership Structure, Effective October 1st, 2018